Saturday, March 3, 2007

The future of

Greetings to all my visitors. I was browsing the site the other day and it struck me. The last update was back in April 2006, almost a year ago! While I've never really left the site (you can always catch me on my email), I've been very occupied with other things and there simply hasn't been all that much information on Verve these days. Moreover, what information does appear, my partner sites already have it covered. My guess is the person who takes a good look at this website will inevitably come across sites like A Storm in Heaven and The Verve-dot-info. This is not a ghost site, though the lack of updates would imply such.

Nevertheless, I took some time to think about the site and its future. After careful consideration, I decided it is very much worth keeping. 24,000 hits isn't bad, plus I've met some great people, have been listed on Ashcroft's official site, and even had the opportunity to work with EMI conducting (and helping to promote) a Verve competition for a "Singles" package, which 10 of you were able to enjoy -shirt, DVD, and album-.

To clear things up, I've yet to get in touch with any member of the band (thanks for all the emails anyway, I do appreciate them) though I'd be quite interested for obvious reasons, as far as the website and fans are concerned. I did get close once; during the competition with EMI, one of my requests was to get in touch with any member of the band through email, but the band's UK representative said there was no one whom I could get in touch with.

For some years I've fiddled with the idea of creating a different look for the site and further organizing all the pictures I've collected over the years (many more than I've seen on other sites combined), and finally getting around to listing every recording (and now DVD) I have with track-listings and such. Practically reorganizing the many pages into something I can update without having to update 5 other pages at the same time in order for the pages to flow. This may be interesting to some: what you see here, the site, was all done using a 56k connection. Luckily I'm more in with the times and switched to high speed towards the end of last year.

Like many others, Verve music has had a great impact on me. Though I'd love to see the band making music again, I support Ashcroft and am thankful he hasn't laid dormant. In future, I plan an overhaul of sorts. I can't say when exactly I'll be finished but lets just say the next update will not be a year from now! Feel free to email me ( and don't forget to sign the guestbook (I used to have over 1,000 entries on another provider and then something bad happened which was not my fault). In any case, peace, love, Verve, and I'll see you in the next one -- HRH