Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The North American Verve Forum

I'm happy to announce the launch of the North American Verve forum between The Verve Live and A Storm in Heaven. So why, with numerous Verve forums already in place, would we want to create another? Essentially, all the active forums related to Verve are located outside of North America, primarily for the British and European crowds.

Both sites sharing this forum are run from the United States and now that the band are active once again, it seems appropriate that they will pick up new fans this side of the Atlantic, as well as bring back older fans.

Anyone can sign up to The North American Verve forum. The name only sets us apart from other forums on the net by name and location. Here, we hope to foster lively discussion on the band, music, popular culture, and other such topics. Our goal is to create a community of fans, share information, and facilitate fan meet-ups in North America prior to gigs. For those interested, please sign up, introduce yourself, and start/join a discussion. See you there.

For a link, please click here, select the image above, or find a link on the left-side link bar.