Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Single and Four

Love Is Noise single to be released August 4th on Parlophone in the UK (6 weeks from now). Source here.

Thanks to James for this information and further commentary:

*take with a massive pinch of salt* remember Billboard were the same people saying the band was 'writing only', about a month ago. Link here:

It says 'The Verve has christened its reunion album "Four" and will release it before the end of the summer.

The set is due Aug. 18 via EMI internationally and a day later in North America, where it will come out on the Verve's On Our Own imprint with distribution via MRI/Megaforce/RED.'

I quite like the idea of the album being named 'Four' as in the four original members or something along those lines.

I also like the nice touch of creating their own label imprint for North American releases and naming it 'On Our Own' as a possible nod to 'On Your Own.' Where Billboard got any of this info isn't explained. Hopefully management in the United States, but who knows?