01 February 1993

Indiecator - Verve

The interview took place at Sawmills Studios in Cornwall during recording sessions for A Storm In Heaven

"I wanna be a pop star, but the music we create works against that."

On touring with The Black Crowes - "We were fed up of preaching to the converted. I knew the time had come to mix it up a bit 'coz we didn't want to end up playing to the same 5-600 people all our lives. When we release the album I want it to be a really mixed bag. Playing with the Crowes was part and parcel of the whole process."

"Music is so massive that formulas are for people who are scared."

"As for drugs, they are like a good drink with a good meal. It's people like Lou Reed, The Velvets, Bowie who can pull it off, because they used them as a complement. This is what we try to do the music always comes first." - Richard Ashcroft
  • Source: Indiecator