15 May 1993

Melody Maker - Verve

The band were interviewed while shooting the video for 'Slide Away' in Spain, which involved the band cavorting with lots of women in an ancient brothel in Almeria.

"I think one of the girls fancied me" - Peter Salisbury

"I found myself in some seedy peepshow once, just to see what the hell goes on there. I've never been to a real brothel before. It might be interesting to go once, just to see how deflated you can really feel, you know, once you've had your orgasm. I bet it's an incredible moment, once it's all over and you're strolling out there and you're exactly the same person as you were before you walked in. A completely meaningless experience."

"I think people who saw us last year thought we were a bit hyped or something to do with Suede. They were completely wrong. There's always a tendency for people to exaggerate your place in the world. I mean, to the vast majority of people, Verve, Suede, Spiritualized, even U2, mean nothing at all. But to me, this is everything. I think about music all the time and I'll never stop believing that we can live up to anything anyone says about us."

"Keith Richards threw a telly out of a window in 1969 - big deal, I don't give a fuck. I think The Stones were a great band, but we're not trying to copy them. Just because I'm skinny and I've got a big pair of lips doesn't mean I want to be Mick Jagger! Obviously, you get inspired when you see footage of them. They could hold an audience. But I'm not in this to become an imposter. I don't want to look back and say to myself, 'You were lying for 20 years'."

"The thing is, Nick and the others are cutting the music and I'm just interpreting it. I'm probably 15, 16 different people during a gig, you know? Sometimes I just disappear and I wouldn't swap it for the world, that feeling of being totally elevated, totally blown away. World War III could be taking place around the corner, but I wouldn't hear it or see it because of those few moments of complete abandon." - Richard Ashcroft
  • Source: Melody Maker, May 15, 1993