15 November 1997

Fan Review: The Snowbox 1997

The Snowbox 
Seattle, Washington, USA
November 15, 1997

Well, here it goes...

Unfortunately, I don't have a set list. But it doesn't really matter, since they skipped three songs in the encore. But, none-the-less it was one of the best Verve shows I have ever seen.

What I felt was so special about it was the vibe from the audience. Everyone knew that they were definitely seeing something special, and that this wouldn't happen again (The Showbox was the smallest venue on the tour). During "Sonnet", the whole audience was singing the second vocal line - it was really cool. I thought the sound was good from where I was standing, but the guitar could have been a little more clearer. Every band member seemed in full form. Richard was going crazy as usual. And when he put that hooded sweatshirt on - you could have mistaken him for a member of NWA! Everybody in the front was shouting COME ON! to Richard and Simon, and they were doing the same to the audience. All of the songs sounded brilliant. But one bad thing did happen that kind of put a damper on the evening, and probably resulted in them skipping those three songs.

The power went out! I can't remember what song. Richard and Simon just turned right toward each other and walked off stage. A few minutes later, everything was back to normal, and the band came on to huge screams and cheers. And, amazingly to me, they picked up right where they left off, with out even skipping a note.

I later had the privilege to see them in San Francisco on November 20, 1997 which was a Thursday.
  • By Ryan Scott