13 November 1997

Fan Review: Vic Theater 1997 (2)

Vic Theater
Chicago, Illinois, USA
November 13, 1997
Well, I wanted to go to Toronto but I had to at least go to work/school one day that week so I skipped that show and went to Chicago. Got there at about 4:30 and pulled up to our hotel which is right around the corner of the Vic. When we pulled up to the hotel, a tour bus was right out front and I totally started tripping out. When we checked in I asked the lady who was in the bus out front and she said, "Some band that's playing here tonight. I've never heard of them before." I asked her if it was a band called the Verve and she said, "Yeah, I think that's who it is." and I started freaking out and then she said, "Oh, no...it's a band called KDFM...or something like that."

Grrr...needless to say I was disappointed. Well, I grubbed out on some Chicago Stuffed Pizza (I love eating in Chicago...best food in the States) and then walked to the Vic. We moved up to the front of the venue and waited...

Met Vicky & Doug...nice talking to you guys. Did you dig the show? I'm sure you did. Good thing no fights broke out between my boyfriend and that one chick that was all pushy-shovey. For a second I thought it was going to get ugly. :)

Wow...this show was awesome as well! Though it seemed that Richard wasn't as enthusiastic. He didn't talk to the crowd at all...and didn't really get crazy except for Come On. But it was an excellent show and the only set list difference was SPACE AND TIME ACOUSTIC! That was SO nice! What was up with the "new song" they played at the end of...oh shit, I'm pretty sure it was after Come On. Does anyone else know what I am talking about? They finished a song and everyone started clapping and while we were clapping they broke into this SWEET jam and Richard was doing some abstract vocal thing...it was really fast and crazy...anybody remember that and can help me out in describing it? It was almost like a reprise to Come On. It was a nice, nice little psychedelic swirl at the end of the show.

I took mad pictures at this show cos I got to bring my camera in. Most of them turned out pretty decent. I'll try to scan them later. I would also like a boot of that show as well. And I'll try to scan some photos later.

Thanks for listening - Vervelove to all...
  • Source: Verve-Tribute: A tribute to what was website
  • Review by Sarah