29 July 1998

Fan Reviews: The Palace Auburn Hills 1998

The Palace Auburn Hills 
Detroit, MI, US
July 29, 1998

Notes: Supported by DJ Wayne 

Hmm, it's hard to tell if this show was truly better than Chicago or not. I think I'd have to say it was slightly better. 1) cause they played SO SISTER!! Which was the only new song to the set, and my favorite b-side;) and 2) cause richard was real talkative this time and really cracking some good fucking jokes. Let's see, after one song he said, 'just another white boy pretending he's black.' Then he ripped on the crowd cause it was an interesting outdoor thing w/lots of lurkers. He did his American accent and it was real funny. Mmm, can't think of anymore right now.

Anyway, it was a fun show. Same set as last, just shuffled around differently a bit w/so sister added in place of neon wilderness i believe. So here's my newest attempt at getting the set list right. hehe, please god get it right this time!

1. space in time
2. sonnet
3. one day
4. one your own
5. lucky man
6. history
7. this time
8. the drugs don't work
9. velvet morning
10. come on
11. see you in the next one (have a good one)
12. so sister
13. bitter sweet symphony

I might be missing one, but oh well, i think that's pretty close. Definitely better than last. It was a good show but a little strange w/the atmosphere. There were lots of people just there standing around and not giving a shit about the band which was a little sad. But that's cause it was at a sort of town hang-out outside area, w/food and drink for all! But also the crowd near the stage even never seemed to get into it like the chicago show, which is sad cause of richard's love for detroit, which he brought up himself. But again, i think that was cause of the outdoors factor messing things up. I'm happy though, they played all my favorites, and so sister was a REAL nice surprise.
  • Source: Verve-Tribute: A tribute to what was website
  • Review by Dave

It was a great effort, but they could not play the way they once did.  I commend them for making an effort because it seemed as if Richard was apologizing for the current situation for the band.  He did say that he gives Detroit the utmost respect and said how he wore that Detroit shirt in the video for a reason.  I kept yelling for them to play gravity grave and finally at the end before singing BSS, he said he couldn't because the "Superstar" to his right wasn't there.  At the end he thanked everybody and loves everybody even "if we don't come back," were his exact words.  On the potential of this bands excellence, this performance sucked.  Not only did it suck, but the band didn't come on stage until three hours after the doors opened.  See you in the next one was by far the best, and richard also played so sister in the encore.  Why did they even bother touring???
  • Source: The Verve Info website
  • Review by Nicholas

Hey little vervelings... Just got back from the verve show in Pontiac, Michigan and I thought you all would enjoy a run down of a fucking great concert.

The verve without the elusive McCabe still rock although it is a bit of a different sound. Jones really came alive in Come On and Tong never tried to copy McCabe's style or steal the spotlight, he just plays quietly doing his job much like McCabe would have. McCabe was definitely missed, though. The stage to Ashcroft's right remained empty. Ashcroft began with saying how much respect he has for Detroit, "Did you see the video with the shirt?" he asks obviously referring to LM and adding "We're going to do the best we can with what we've got". When the crowd yelled for Gravity Grave Ashcroft replied with, "We'd love to play Gravity Grave but a certain Nick McCabe is not with us. You see he's a superstar. And we're in America so you're gonna get Bitter Sweet Symphony.

With the actual playing of On Your Own and History I was astounded. I thought going into this concert thinking only strictly UH stuff would be played. It was also comforting to hear the various screaming voices in the crowd yelling for non-UH stuff like Man Called Sun, Blue, Gravity Grave and the likes.

Velvet Morning stands in my head as being the most memorable performance that night. The lighting was perfectly swirly and the song just seemed to capture the moment. Come On had a different twist to it. It didn't posses so much anger to it because you see Ashcroft isn't so competent on the guitar and can't yell and play at the same time. The encore was fitting with just Ashcroft and his guitar. He sang directly into our souls that night.

Ashcroft had some great comments (he was showing his British humor) especially about the whole Nike thing which he said with an American accent. After the performance of BBS he left saying, "Thanks for coming perhaps we will meet again some day and if not thanks for all the great years." Those words left me a bit haunted. What's to happen to the beautiful, delicate balance known as the verve?

This Storm In Heaven needs to go off to sleepy land. My face hurts from to much smiling. If you get a chance go see the verve in concert it's unbelievable and this might be the last chance you get.
  • Source: Verve-Tribute: A tribute to what was website
  • Review by Erin

Greetings everyone!

I was a member of the list awhile ago, but quit when I came home from school for the summer and became too busy to keep up with the messages. In short, just wanted to say that I too was at the Detroit/Pontiac show, loved seeing the Verve (that's cool that you were able to catch them in Chicago too!) and was in awe of every song. And yes, So Sister was a treat. I didn't expect them to go into EP territory. I think starting with Space and Time was a great introduction. I liked the subtle but effective background lighting, especially during History. I think my favorite number was Velvet Morning. But hearing Come On live made me wonder if perhaps that is going to become my favorite song. How can you have a favorite song?! Richard seemed in a good mood, and though they seemed a little weary, he gave a lot of energy to the performance. One thing bothered me- like you Dave, I noticed and was turned off by the majority of people who barely seemed to like the Verve! Maybe I overreacted, but I have never been to a show where the crowd was that obnoxious and rude. I thought his quip about coming down because you like Nike was very funny and perceptive. They have to live with the stigma (in their US appearances) of Bitter Sweet Symphony's overexposure. Richard's intro. to BSS was a jibe at the evil Alan Klein, and a question to the audience as to who this character was. We watched the encore from the rear, so I didn't hear if he got an answer. Predictably the party people came alive to the chords of BSS, I mean, the anticipation for that song and maybe only that song in that select crowd was real and in the air. Richard and Co. deserve more respect than that. Crowd surfing to Velvet Morning was just inane. Oh well! Don't mind my complaining please, I was just a little discouraged about that aspect of the show. The venue change probably was the main factor there. I did see a lot of obviously dedicated fans, and I would imagine the group saw them too. I was in heaven, literally, seeing the Verve in person, finally. How many times have I read reviews of their Britain shows in Q and Select... I'm happy they launched this tour, and I hope it won't be too long before they come back. The rumor just can't be true...:(
  • Source: Verve-Tribute: A tribute to what was website
  • Review by Rachel