29 April 2000

Ashcroft one year on

Richard Ashcroft's told Radio 1 his teenage dream of being in a band didn't turn out at all liked he'd hoped - in fact, it was too Spinal Tap to be true! It's almost a year to the day that the Verve split and Richard's already releasing his first solo single 'A Song For The Lovers'.

He said after 15 years it's strange not seeing the rest of the band, but it's a question of getting on with your life and remembering things don't always turn out how you want: "The dream can be a nightmare like anything in life. It's only when the water's under the bridge that you begin to understand."

Liam Gallagher's quoted as saying Richard's the only person outside of Oasis he could record with coz he's the only one he gets on with. Richard says they haven't been in the studio together but it could happen: "We've had some good nights together where we've been singing songs. He's got one of the best voices in rock and roll."