19 November 2004

Verve Box Set

Thanks to James for this information. In a recent interview with Poptones Questions of Doom, John Leckie, producer of Verve's A Storm in Heaven, mentioned the future release of a Verve Box Set of sessions recorded with Richard Ashcroft during the time of the first split.

You worked with Richard during the time of the first Verve split? Are the sessions going to be released.

The sessions are coming out in a Verve box set. The Verve have a new Greatest Hits record coming out and the one song Richard and I worked on - called Monte Carlo - is going to be on the Greatest Hits. How did we get it together? This was after the first split between Nick McCabe and Richard. We went up to work on songs at Realworld Studios, and we were doing the new songs, but he was lacking the instrumentalist, really. There was Richard, the bass player, the drummer and another one that really didn't take off the way that Nick McCabe did with Richard. We ended up doing about thirty songs, but Richard would never finish anything. The songs at that time were "The Drugs Don't Work" and "Sonnet." I would always say "lets' get back in the studio and finish these songs off." Richard was at first up to it, but then would come in with some new songs. At that time Richard was full of uncertainty without Nick in the band. He is probably like that now.