05 July 2007

Why the reunion?

In yesterdays NME, The Verve manager Jazz Summers revealed why The Verve got back together. "We did keep it quite quiet," explained the band's manager Jazz Summers. A couple of months ago, Richard Ashcroft had a conversation with me and said, "You know, we made fantastic music...I think it would be fantastic if we got back together."

Despite their turbulent history, Ashcroft rang his former band mates and suggested they reconvene. "We didn't make any decision until they'd been in the studio and made some music - that's the reason for doing it," said Summers.

There have been suggestions that The Verve's return is all about generating large amounts of cash. "I think The Sun said they'd been offered £20 million to get back together," laughed Summers. "If they want to pay us £20m to do a gig then maybe, but no, it was all about the music. They're all really excited about what happened in the studio."

Ashcroft and McCabe, along with original bassist Simon Jones, and drummer Pete Salisbury will start work on an album in September.