11 February 2008

Possible album tracklisting

Verve get a mention in the new issue of Mojo magazine. Most of it concerns the band's reformation and McCabe confirms that Ashcroft has plans to continue his solo career. It seems the reunion came along when Ashcroft heard that Salisbury had contacted McCabe about another project (which never materialized). When Ashcroft found out about the conversation, he suggested putting the band back together. See the article here.

Below is a tentative list of song names that have been floating around, with a few names added with the recent Mojo article. Nothing is official yet; the album is due this coming Spring so I would think an announcement will be made in the next couple of months. Only "Mover" and "Let The Damage Begin"are familiar tunes, but I'm hopeful that "Blue Pacific Ocean" may be a call-back to early Verve's "South Pacific."
  1. Rather Be
  2. Sit And Wonder
  3. Applachian Springs
  4. Mover
  5. Judas
  6. Mona Lisa
  7. Blue Pacific Ocean
  8. Colombo
  9. Bauhaus
  10. Spy Movie
  11. Future Trip
  12. Let The Damage Begin
  13. Why Can't I Cry?
*Note: Thanks to Jason for pointing out the previously mentioned track "Why Can't I Cry?" (12/Feb/08)