05 February 2008

Urban Hymns XFM 10th Anniversary update (revisiting old yet unposted news)

Thanks to James for this information. It isn't "new" news, but I haven't yet posted it and its the first I've heard of it; therefore, I post it here for all to read.
.......the podcast appeared on UK iTunes just before Christmas last year, and towards the end of it someone mentions that they currently have 15 new tunes as contenders for the new album. Its Jazz Summers that mentions it, he says 'They've done....They've put down 15 tracks, so yeah there will be a new record.' Ashcroft ends by saying 'Some of the new stuff is sounding pretty wild. We want to re-visit our heavier groove stuff and take it somewhere else, you know, it might be time to do something pretty out there and I think we are all happy to do that, do you know what I mean?'
To answer the question: YES.
Bare in mind that this podcast was up on iTunes on 26/11/07, so its unsure what stage in the album process they might be at, at present, possibly mixing or even considering the artwork, news seems quite thin on the ground at the minute, bar the EMI walk out and cut back stuff. I hope it sees the light of day sooner rather than later personally.