07 April 2008

More details on Soup Collective

More info on the background of Soup Collective. Thanks James.

"Set up as Soup back in 1998, the beginnings of Soup Collective were forged from a background of live visuals and film events. Consisting of a number of independent Manchester-based artists and creatives working across film, animation, compositing and photography, Soup Collective have developed their profile through works for the likes of Elbow, Editors and Snow Patrol among others.

The thread that runs through most Soup Collective projects is the process of the work combining the talents of numerous artists to develop music videos, documentary work and visual showcases combining a breadth of techniques and styles to produce considered and interesting stuff."

The above is from the Urbis Centre website. The Urbis Centre is a major landmark in the city of Manchester, UK. It was specifically designed for the arts and now offers free admission to anyone interested. The last exhibition James went to was about Factory Records, Tony Wilson, and Manchester music scene. The building is part of the regeneration scheme after IRA bombings back in the late 90s. It also contains local artists work and much more.