09 May 2008

From NME; appearing in the May 7 issue

'An amazing version of 'LES artistes' [By Santogold] sets us up nicely for The Verve, who are the ultimate festival band ever. Who else, at their first festival in 10 years, would dare follow a climax of their three biggest anthems - 'The Drugs Don't Work', 'Lucky Man' and 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' - with the live debut of a new song? 'Love Is Noise' sounds like a shamanic LCD Soundsystem, laden with unforgettable hooks and conclusive proof that both the reunion and Glastonbury booking were definitely a good idea.'
  • The comments refer to Coachella 2008; written by Hamish MacBain.
  • Its not exactly true that it was the 'live debut' of the new tune but at least they got the song name right.