16 September 2008

The Verve laugh off McCabe finger injury

The Verve's Simon Jones is laughing off reports bandmate Nick McCabe faces the loss of a finger after a backstage accident, insisting the guitarist simply cut it on a champagne glass.

Jones admits he and the other members of the reunited band find it hilarious that tiny details are blown out of proportion in the press.

He says, "He did hurt his finger, he cut it on a slither of glass. He knocked over a champagne glass and he was picking it up and he cut himself on a sharp piece of glass. It's no f**king big deal at all.

Because we split up and all these things happened, everyone thinks there's something strange going on all the time."

Reports suggested MCCabe needed urgent medical attention during a show in Osaka, Japan last month (Aug08) after injuring his hand - and that he played through the pain at the Britain's V Festival last month (Aug08).

But Jones insists, "It didn't effect any gigs. He didn't cut his finger, so it wasn't a real big issue at all."