08 October 2008

Rolling Stones' manager derides The Verve

Andrew Loog Oldham has derided The Verve over their use of a Rolling Stones sample in their 1997 classic "Bitter Sweet Symphony."

The former manager of The Rolling Stones joked to Uncut that he has bought "a pretty presentable watch strap" with the royalties that he has earned from the song.

"They [Mick Jagger and Keith Richards] have the watch and I have a pretty presentable watch strap. That's my little piece," he told Uncut.

'Bitter Sweet Symphony' uses an Andrew Oldham Orchestra recording (a small piece that is looped in the background continuously, not the iconic string riff the article suggests) of "The Last Time" for its orchestral hook, and was the subject of a legal challenge by The Rolling Stones shortly after its release.

Loog Oldham, Mick Jagger, and Keith Richards have since received all of the royalty payments from the song, after it was successfully argued that although The Verve had negotiated to use a sample, they had used "too much."

"As for Richard Ashcroft, well, I don't know how an artist can be severely damaged by that experience. Songwriters have learned to call songs their children, and he thinks he wrote something. He didn't. I hope he's got over it. It takes a while," Loog Oldham added.
  • Source: New Musical Express
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