01 October 2008

The truth behind the Stowe performance

I hadn't reported this previously and I do so now because I remember there being a great deal of confusion surrounding Richard Ashcroft's performance as a "solo" artist at this event, the same month Verve's fourth album Forth was released.

On August 20, 2008, The Last Days of Summer event organizer Paul Reaney confirmed: “We can finally reveal that Richard Ashcroft is the secret addition to The Last Days of Summer line-up. At this time, we would also like to confirm that this in no way affects Richard’s relationship with The Verve. The fact that Richard is performing a solo gig on the same day that The Verve release their new album is completely co-incidental, Richard agreed to play The Last Days of Summer toward the end of 2007. He will be allowed to perform some of The Verve’s songs with his band, but this is very much a solo gig”

On his solo plans, Ashcroft recently noted: “I will continue my solo stuff. But it seemed a shame to leave this (The Verve) thing dormant when there is so much talent there."