19 February 2009

Finally an update...

Just not the type many of us were hoping for. Seems like The Verve's online store has gone kaput. Not sure why. In any case, here's the message from the main, almost ghostly site.
Over the course of the weekend Trinity Street, the company that ran The Verve's online store, went into administration. Therefore the online store is currently closed and we'll be setting up a new one soon.

If you have any outstanding orders with the store, get in touch with us and we'll do our best to fulfill your order.
So if anyone out there has any outstanding orders, make sure you email 'info@biglifemanagement.com' as soon as possible.

In other news, you might have noticed Richard Ashcroft's website has been overhauled recently. Apparently Wayne Griggs has lent a hand in putting it together. When asked about the lack of news, he simply said to keep an eye on the site. What I'm waiting for is a band status...