Thursday, May 7, 2009

Uncle Joe's Mint Balls + McCabe

Last June, several personal videos surfaced from Verve's 1997 US Tour, presumably from Simon Tong's video camera. If I remember correctly, the official Verve video shows Tong holding a video camera while overlooking a cityscape, so presumably its him.

Anyway, one of the videos, humorously titled "US TOUR - Sponsored by Uncle Joe's Mint Balls," sees Ashcroft holding a can of Uncle Joe's mints with plans of selling the product on the road. The video found its way to Uncle Joe, a Wigan based confectioner, and is now mentioned on their website. Class promotion of a Wigan based company!! Link here.

Also, here are two videos. The first contains footage from Nick McCabe's fairly recent gig with Damo Suzuki (Can) and Jeff Wootton at the Night & Day in Manchester. It passes visually but struggles aurally. The second is an amalgamation of sound using one of Nick McCabe's guitar tracks wrapped around Annie Lennox's song "Why." Clever.