27 January 2010

More on the Black Ships

Davide Rossi explains how he came to meet Nick McCabe and was later asked to join the "Forth" recording sessions after a chance meeting at a London studio:

"I met Nick McCabe, Verve guitarist, almost by accident, outside a London studio where I was producing an Italian band (Hana-b) in January 2008. Speaking of this and that, Nick asked me to play on their album. Even then, what must be a simple session of fun has become a true collaboration: an album with Verve, "Forth" (2008) and several appearances in their live show as headliners of the major European festivals."

What are your future plans?

"Right now I'm in London to work with Coldplay on their upcoming album. Among other commitments are the Black Ships, my first real band and the tour with Goldfrapp. In short, I hope to survive the 2010!"

Rossi also mentioned on his twitter page that McCabe has been laying down guitar and adding further treatment to The Black Ships recordings.
  • Source: WUZ Cultura Spettacolo
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