11 May 2010

2010 represents the 20 year milestone for Microdot

Microdot was established in 1989 by Brian Cannon after completing a BA (Hons) Degree in graphic design.

The aim from the very beginning was to work specifically in the music industry, creating memorable and iconic record sleeve imagery.

In the ultra competitive music related graphic design world, Brian steadily made inroads, establishing contacts and perfecting his craft. After two years, which saw critical acclaim from the media, Brian met and began working with Verve, going on to create all the bands artwork and promotional visuals throughout the nineties.Still considered by many today to be Microdot’s best work, the early Verve record packaging did not go unnoticed by a young Mancunian in the process of setting up his own band. The aspiring guitarist was Noel Gallagher who approached Brian in 1992 to become his bands art director (when they got signed!).

The team expanded and the main Microdot faces were, Matthew Sankey, Martin Catherall, Steve Allen, Paul Bailey, Jonathan Platt and Dave Halliwell.

Check out the Microdot 1990-2010: Creating for Twenty Years website here. Click here for Microdot's Verve artwork and here for Microdot's The Verve artwork. Kudos to TheWiganKebab for the links. Pictured above is the "Gravity Grave" single cover.