10 May 2010

The Higher I Go

Like many of the early Wigan demos recorded in 1990, its too bad "The Higher I Go" didn't make it to a proper release. The buildup towards the end is incredible. Ashcroft reportedly described McCabe's sound as a 'whole new universe' when he first heard him playing guitar in a Wigan practice room before the band's formation. Nick would've been around the age of 18 or 19.

"We're on the dole so we had to save up for a while before we could afford the 200 pounds...we don't want to be too heavy. We just want people to enjoy our music," said Ashcroft of the demos at the time, who also modestly predicted Verve would be the biggest band ever (and they were for a time).

The 10-track demo was financed by Norwich-based Backs label and was recorded in the Jones family living room. Sony and Polydor sent rejection letters but Virgin's then-newly established offshoot, Hut, were a lot more enthusiastic. And so it began....

Listen to the other demos at Bittersweethuman's YouTube channel.