09 June 2010

New eponymous album details

Richard Ashcroft has announced the details of his forthcoming new album - which is being released under the name United Nations Of Sound.

The album will be released on July 19 and was recorded in Los Angeles, New York and London by producer No ID, who has worked previously with Jay-Z.

Other musicians featured include guitarist Steve Wyreman, bassist Paul 'DW' Wright and drummer Derrick Wright.

The tracklisting of 'United Nations Of Sound' is:
  1. 'Are You Ready?'
  2. 'Born Again'
  3. 'America'
  4. 'This Thing Called Life'
  5. 'Beatitudes'
  6. 'Good Loving'
  7. 'How Deep Is Your Man'
  8. 'She Brings Me The Music'
  9. 'Royal Highness'
  10. 'Glory'
  11. 'Life Can Be So Beautiful'
  12. 'Let My Soul Rest'
Source: NME