02 July 2010

Richard Ashcroft caught pneumonia while recording

Former The Verve rocker Richard Ashcroft was struck down with pneumonia while recording his new band's first album.

The star created the United Nations of Sound earlier this year but he had to rush studio sessions with the group, because he only had 10 days to work with producer No I.D.

Ashcroft didn't sleep for five days during the period and when he eventually consulted a doctor, he was diagnosed with 'walking pneumonia' - a mild strain of the deadly lung condition.

He says, "The first week in the studio was one of the best recording times I've had, even though I put myself through a lot. At one point, I'd not slept in five days. The doctor was called out who said I had 'walking pneumonia'. I asked 'What the hell does that mean?' and he said 'It means you're not dead yet'." United Nations of Sound's self-titled debut album is due for release on 19 July 2010.
  • Source: PR-inside.com