06 July 2010

Richard Ashcroft Believes British Music Scene is ‘Dull’

Richard Ashcroft and his new group United Nations of Sound are going to be releasing their debut album this month.

Oddly enough the Brit Rock legend went on the attack this week and told Shortlist Mag that he believes Britain’s music scene has become stale and dull as people chase fame.

The Ex Verve front man explained : “There’s a blueprint now and it’s very boring.” He added that he would not be following other artists’ trend by collaborating with anyone on his projects. “You see albums coming out now and there are 15 different people on it.”

“It’s Top Trumps music – ‘I’m going to Top Trump you with how many guests I’ve got.’

The self titled album ‘United Nations of Sound‘ will be released on July 19 and was recorded in Los Angeles, New York and London by producer No ID.
  • Source: Live4ever, Brit Rock Daily
  • Kudos: AndyK