18 September 2010

Artist highlight: Exit Calm

"with ragged vocals and swathes of widescreen guitar effects reminiscent of early Verve, South Yorkshire's four-piece Exit Calm have a penchant for all things epic" (Q MAGAZINE)

Fans of The Verve's pre-Urban Hymns output will be familiar with Exit Calm's style; cascades of dreamy, shimmering landscapes and wall of sound guitars full of reverb and waves of splashing cymbals. Hailing from Barnsley and basing themselves in Sheffield, Exit Calm find inspiration in the feedback-drenched phychedelic noise of early Verve. Their self-titled debut album is stunning. With The Verve in stasis and The Black Ships still at sea, Exit Calm are sure to fill the musical void. Sonic goodness at its best.

Below is the promotional video for "We're On Our Own" followed by the first and second promotional videos, "Hearts and Minds" and "Don't Look Down," from their eponymous debut (get it here).