13 October 2011

Win a day in the studio with Simon Jones and Peter Salisbury

Simon Jones, Peter Salisbury and Jeff Wootton (Guitar, Beady Eye, Gorillaz) are volunteering their time to benefit the Neuroblastoma Children's Cancer Alliance UK.

The winner will spend a day in a recording studio with the musicians, record a track of their own, jam with the band, or if not a musician, simply hang out for the day and watch/see them record. The winner will come away with a CD of the recording/DVD film of the days events.

A recording studio, producer and engineer have been booked for Friday, October 21 from 10-6 PM at Milltown Studios, New Mills, Derbyshire.

Proceeds will benefit the Emma Hoolin Appeal. An Ebay auction has been set up (ending in 6 days).