01 May 2013

"Blue Pacific Ocean" remastered

Many thanks to Hylton from the Northern Souls message board for remastering "Blue Pacific Ocean," an incredible track from the Forth sessions, recorded in 2008.
Hylton: By popular request, I tried my hand at remastering "Blue Pacific Ocean" to make it sound more in-line with the rest of the Forth recordings -- I used "Judas" in particular as a reference point, because I think it's the best-produced song on the album. Keep in mind that it's a demo recording with some clear flaws (not least of which the best quality mp3 of it out there is 160 kbps), but I did the best I could to at least bring it up to a reasonable volume level and get rid of some of the dead air.
Listen to "Blue Pacific Ocean [Permanent Starlight remaster]" below. The track can also be downloaded here

For comparison, listen to the original recording of "Blue Pacific Ocean" below: