08 January 2014

Urban Hymns sessions: rare footage released

* Features never-before-seen footage of C'mon People, A Song For The Lovers, and The Drugs Don't Work.
Film shot on an Arriflex SR-1, 16mm film, camera at Realworld, Peter Gabriel's recording studio in Bath, UK with John Leckie at the controls.
Contains Richard Ashcroft vocal 1st takes and early recordings of tracks done during the sessions for Urban Hymns.
Other footage shot at The Townhouse and Metropolis, London 95-96.
Tracks include: The Drugs Don't Work (acoustic 1st vocal take), Song for the Lovers (vocal track recording), Space and Time, C'mon People (We're Making it Now) (live rehearsal recording at Real World rehearsal room, cutaways from The Townhouse and Metropolis), The Drugs Don't Work (early mix from Real World).
  • Kudos: Thanks to BadkamraTV on YouTube, and James.