12 April 2014

Nick McCabe wouldn't rule out working with former Verve singer Richard Ashcroft again

Former Verve guitarist Nick McCabe says he would be up for working with singer Richard Ashcroft, 42.

The band split in 2009, and Nick now plays in Black Submarine alongside Verve bassist Simon Jones, 41. 

Nick, 42, told me: “I don’t see why I couldn’t work with Richard again.

“Richard’s very black and white, and I accept that’s his way of doing things."

"He’s a good soul with a lot of good qualities, so I can never rule out doing more with him.”

Black Submarine have just released debut album New Shores.

Nick said: “I can’t claim to have shut the door on Richard, but right now it’s the furthest thing from my mind because Black Submarine are so happy.”