10 February 2015

"She's A Superstar" demo surfaces online

Paul O'Neill has put up an excerpt of the Verve demo for "She's A Superstar" on Soundcloud. The demo was recorded in 1992 at Splash Studios in Wigan and is presumably one of numerous demos recorded there. According to a poster on the Northern Souls forum, O'Neill had the only recording and rehearsal studio in Wigan at the time.
From 1998's Bittersweet Triumph published in Rolling Stone:
Imagination was all the Verve had to go on in 1990 and '91 – before they started making records, when they would play from sunset to sunup for nothing more than their own amusement and exhilaration in a small, dank rehearsal space at Splash Studios, in Wigan. 
"It had black curtains on all four walls; a low Seventies-polystyrene ceiling; a damp, tatty carpet," Jones, 25, says of that room, which the band members paid for with contributions from their unemployment checks. "It stunk; it was freezing. We tried taking heaters down there, but it never helped much...we'd just pick up our instruments," he says, "and without saying a word, just play what came out. Jamming. I can honestly say we never sat down."
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