22 February 2016

Richard Ashcroft Returns: "I Know How Good I Am"

The former Verve frontman is back with a new single, This Is How It Feels. He tells Radio X's Vernon Kay that his comeback is a "call to arms." 

Richard Ashcroft is back with brand new single, "This Is How It Feels," and it's safe to say he's feeling pretty confident about it.

The Northern Soul caught up with Radio X's Vernon Kay for a chat about his fourth album, "These People," and he insisted we won't be getting the "hard sell" when it comes to his new music.

He said: "If you don't feel it, that's fine. That's cool. I'm not going to give you the hard sell. You won't see me desperately trying to twist your arm. "I know how good I am!"

He added: "It's gonna be some of the best songs that I've ever written, so I'm excited for it."


ON THE STATE OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY AND POPULAR CULTURE: "It's a unique period in artistic history where there's so much at our disposal."

ON DIGITAL MUSIC: "The process of going through the digital transition has been difficult in a way, because of the hunter-gatherer element of music. The real hunger for music dissipated for me for a while and I had to almost re-find that love for it."

ON MAKING MUSIC FOR THE RIGHT REASONS: "Hats off to anyone over the last 20 years who's been doing it for the right reasons and anyone who's trying to stretch it a little bit in the right direction."

ON TALENT SHOWS: "At the end of the day, there always should be an alternative to queueing up in the rain and having four people who haven't written a good song in their lives telling you if you're good, bad, ugly or what... and also taking your publishing, taking your next x amount of years." 

FIGHTING TALK: "Anyone who's got a bit of talent from any walk of life needs to stand up now because there's so much negativity and nihilism out there."

ON "FAKES": "The battle lines are drawn now. You're either doing it or you're not. You're either a fake or you're not. You're the real thing and you're making music."

The Song For The Lovers star also revealed we can expect an "uplifting" and "moving" sound and even teased there may be another "few albums" in the works.

"This Is How It Feels" drops on 1 April, with the album being released via Ashcroft's Righteous Phonographic Association label on 20 May. "This Is How It Feels," is now available as an instant grat when you pre-order These People and for purchase/to stream on digital outlets.