17 May 2016

Richard Ashcroft showcases five new songs and performs Verve classics at London comeback gig

Singer's new album 'These People' is out on May 20

Richard Ashcroft showcased five new songs from his forthcoming album These People in London last night (May 16).

The former Verve frontman performed an hour and 50 minute set at his comeback show at the Camden Roundhouse which also saw him throw in classic hits by his former band including "Sonnet," "Lucky Man," "The Drugs Don't Work" and "Bitter Sweet Symphony."

Arriving onstage dressed in the same light blue suit and shades that he wore in the video for his return single "This Is How It Feels," Ashcroft kicked off the show with opening album track "Out Of My Body" before he went on to play four further songs from his new LP including the record's title track, "They Don't Own Me" and recent singles "This Is How It Feels" and "Hold On." He was due to play another new track "Black Lines" but it was cut from the set list. You can view footage of the tracks below.

His fourth studio album These People is released this Friday (May 20).

Backed by a five-piece band, the singer also performed a series of hits from his back catalogue including 'Science Of Silence' which saw him thanking the crowd for “sticking by me”, "New York," "Break The Night With Colour" and "Music Is Power." During the latter he admitted that it was “good to be home” after six years out of the spotlight.

Later in the set, Ashcroft thanked the crowd for being patient with the new material. “Next time you hear this, there will be a room full of people singing "These People," he said after performing the title track to his new record, before he added: “But until then it is just another guy singing a new song.”

But there were huge cheers when he performed classic hit singles by The Verve, which at one point saw Ashcroft perform "The Drugs Don't Work" during a short acoustic section which also included his 2000 debut single "Song For The Lovers."

Wrapping up his set, he rattled off his Unkle collaboration "Lonely Soul" which featured in the movie The Beach, "Hold On" and Urban Hymns classic "Bitter Sweet Symphony." Signing off, he shouted: “Love and peace to you,” before he left the stage.

Richard Ashcroft played:
  1. Out Of My Body
  2. This Is How It Feels
  3. Science Of Silence
  4. Sonnet
  5. They Don't Own Me
  6. Music Is Power
  7. Break The Night With Colour
  8. These People
  9. New York
  10. Lucky Man
  11. The Drugs Don't Work
  12. Song For The Lovers
  13. Lonely Soul
  14. Bitter Sweet Symphony
  • Source: NME, by Damian Jones