11 March 2021

Nick McCabe "Lucem, Paradox. Silver Series" one take improvisation

"An improvised piece showcasing Lucem's more affordable take on the Paradox guitar. 

About the guitar:

This guitar is hand finished by Lucem, and comes with a simplified configuration of Kent Armstrong pickups following a suggestion I made of single coil Strat neck tone, and PAF bridge. The ethos of the "Old Nick" edition Paradox is present in its core: thick but biting bridge for the Quicksilver Messenger Service/Television-ish thing I love so much, round, slightly plummy neck pick up for, well, everything else. 

Construction differs from "Old Nick" the neck there is 'through', Silver Series is bolt on, again, bringing out a familiar Fender-ish flavour to the note envelope without over emphasising the initial transient.

About the music:

The piece is a one take improvisation. This is the kind of stuff I probably do too much of, but since "We Are Are We" was so well received (head on over to my Bandcamp if you enjoy this?) this video also serves to reveal the process. "We Are Are We" was created in a similar manner, except with a long delay and control over the feedback and routing, this piece is using the more convenient tool for the job, the Gibson EDP. Feedback is controlled from a MIDI pedal (Moog MP201 - someone nudge Moog - we need more of these), meaning improvised snatches can be faded out as new ideas develop. Terry Riley pioneered this technique, best heard on "Poppy No Good and the Phantom Band". Obviously I've also listened to way too much Fripp and Eno. Back when Lexicon's JamMan flopped so conveniently I could afford one in the "have we sacked him haven't we" phase circa 1995, I grabbed a piece of that action and continued to apply it liberally to Urban Hymns and surrounding in the brief "we haven't" moment 1997-98. It's a branch of what I do I now call dirty ambient. Less a bath, more a mire.

Contrary to what the visuals may be telling you, I'm really enjoying myself in this video. Concentration, middle age, resting bitch face, whatareyagonnado huh.... And all the sales chat you hear... well that's what I do best. Dr Cheese." - Nick McCabe

  • Source: Nick McCabe Music on YouTube