27 June 2022

Nick McCabe and Pete Salisbury release "Home Is Where the Heart Is"


Liner Notes:

"This is a product of COVID, but, more appealing than that sounds, it's a collaboration between friends. Myself, Nick McCabe and Pete Salisbury longtime of, and founders of the Verve, plus a last minute collaboration with friend and solo artist (and Black Submarine/Litter and Leaves member) Amelia Tucker.

COVID's interruption of an ongoing project including Simon Jones, also of the Verve, forced our hand back to working independently.  Independent work is a mixed blessing, "natural flow" allows honesty, forces abundance, but with that, output can become sidelined and misappraised, unappreciated.

Collaboration provides a route out of that kind of neglect, you're forced into appraisal, but for me also breaks the personal deadlock of whether to release or not.

I'm very happy to finally allow this out.  Positive, occasionally feel-good, occasionally reflective bunch of tunes.  What is it...? the music is yet more natural outcome of a decades long diet of psychedelic soul, mixed with typically British flavours: 4ad, 60s 70s British folk rock, landing somewhere I hope in the healthier area that exists between prog and post punk.

Of note, the final track Omega is the first track Pete and I collaborated on for the soundtrack to Dan Carter: A Perfect 10, the experience was so positive and fluid we just carried on where setups and schedules permitted.  Here I've restored to its original ecstatic angle.  Working title was Budd/'Gelis, I guess it's only right that I dedicate the piece in part to both men who passed not long ago." 

Released June 27, 2022

Nick McCabe - keys, guitars, production, mastering
Pete Salisbury - drums and percussion
Amelia Tucker - all vocals and lyrics on "The Eleventh Hour"