The Verve discography

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Single Release 
09-Mar-1992 - All In The Mind uk

Single: Label: HUT RECORDINGS. Formats: UK Cat #: HUTT12 : 12" Single Released 09/03/92, UK Cat #: HUT12 : 7" Single Released 09/03/92 - Deleted 04/07/94, UK Cat #: HUTCD12 : CD Single Released 09/03/92 (more info)

"A groove that gets right under skin, wobbles about a bit, then emanates from every bloody orifice you've got. Bloody downright marvellous." - GOOD TIMES

"All In The Mind" is cool enough, oozing Star Quality and Attitude and Rock 'n' Roll and Sex and Drugs, but check out the other two tracks here, which draw on - but don't copy (and this critical) - the finer points of classic late sixties rock, together with the epic soundscapes of 'Joshua Tree' period U2, only without all the pomp and circumstance. On paper it sounds appalling, but in reality it's far more swoonworthy than any other British record in the last six months." - IMPACT

"Verve's powerful debut sounds like a mix of Echo and the Bunnymen at their finest, touches of The Stones, Byrds and even Sonic Youth thrown in for good measure. Verve will transcend any part hype may play in their inevitable rise to success." - OUTLOOK
  1. All in the Mind
  2. One Way To Go
  3. A Man Called Sun

Single Release
22-Jun-1992 - She's A Superstar uk

Single: Label: HUT RECORDINGS. Formats: UK Cat #: HUTCD16 : CD Single Released 22/06/92, UK Cat #: HUT16 : 7" Single Released 22/06/92 - Deleted 18/04/94, UK Cat #: HUTT16 : 12" Single Released 22/06/92 (more info)

"Two gently blissful songs from new romantics Verve. Swirling, delicate things of beauty, both 'Superstar' and 'Wanna Know, Wanna Be, Wanna Feel' last for ten sensitive minutes, by which time you're either snoring, snogging or happily guzzling your Stolichnaya-and-sleeping-pill suicide cocktail." - SELECT

"A nine minute workout which changes tempo and tone time and time again, from breathy vocals to some leaky feedback, is a brave choice for a single and a worthy one." - HALIFAX EVENING COURIER

"If you like your music sweet and neatly wrapped, avoid this. But if the prospect of a dark slow guitar driven voyage to hell and back grabs you, then sell your soul for this." - THE THIRD DEGREE
  1. She's A Superstar
  2. Feel

Single Release
05-Oct-1992 - Gravity Grave uk

Single: Label: HUT RECORDINGS. UK Chart : 196. Formats: UK Cat #: HUTCD21 : CD Single Released 05/10/92, UK Cat #: HUTT21 : 12" Single Released 05/10/92, UK Cat #: HUTEN21 : 10" Single Released 05/10/92 - Deleted 04/07/94 (more info)

"It almost floats off the turntable. 'Gravity Grave' is another perilous flirtation with dissolution and the closer they get, the more beautiful they become. There must be some way out of here…." - MELODY MAKER

"An atmospheric, soporific record. Indistinguishable lyrics blend in nicely with the haunting instruments. A pleasant song, but it drags on somewhat." - GRIP

"More blissed out daydreaming from Verve. Their third single confirms they deserve the praise they're receiving. They have the talent of getting away with indulgent guitar meanderings." - BUZ
  1. Gravity Grave
  2. Endless Life
  3. A Man Called Sun (live)
  4. Gravity Grave (live encore)

Album Release
 07-Dec-1992 - The Verve EP uk

 Album: MINI ALBUM. Label: HUT RECORDINGS. Formats: UK Cat #: HUTUS1 : CD Album Released 07/12/92 (more info)

 "'The Verve EP' should maybe carry a warning for those hooked on goal-oriented songs proper, because it is (beautifully) pointless. These tunes are more pieces of dreamy foreplay in the half-light, no eye to their own future and determinedly open-ended. On this evidence, Verve's journey to nowhere has only just begun." - MELODY MAKER

 "This charts the progress of a band who've torn up the blueprint and decided to go at it utterly arse-about-face. They are one of the few bands who still believe that the space between your ears is infinite, that nothing is impossible, that it's all within our reach. Sometimes they soar. Sometimes they fly too high or dive too low and then they crash and burn. This is no easy ride but it's a hell of an adventure, arisk well worth taking." - NME
  1.  Gravity Grave (radio edit)
  2.  A Man Called Sun
  3.  She's A Superstar (radio edit)
  4.  Endless Life
  5.  Feel

Album Release
 01-Mar-1993 - Voyager 1 us

 Bootleg Album: (more info)

Released on clear blue vinyl only. Only 1000 copies pressed. All recorded Live in New York and London 1992. Released in US only. Unfortunately, 300 copies were ruined in transit between the UK and the US, making Voyager 1 even more rare.
  1. Slide Away
  2. Gravity Grave
  3. One Way To Go
  4. Already There
  5. She's A Superstar

Single Release
10-May-1993 - Blue uk

Single: UK Chart : 69. Formats: UK Cat #: HUTT29 : 12" Single Released 10/05/93, UK Cat #: HUTEN29 : 10" Single Released 10/05/93 - Deleted 04/07/94, UK Cat #: HUTCD29 : CD Single Released 10/05/93 (more info)

"Verve remain as far-out and as strung-out as ever, and 'Blue' is a liquid delight, a seductive tale of a dreamer and astral schemer. 'Twilight is an unbearably wistful trip, which even the addition of an accordion cannot diminish, and 'Where The Geese Go' is an absolute stormer." - MELODY MAKER

"Hugely satisfying rrock drop-out guitar effort which chuggalugs along in an easy manner." - TIME OUT

"Their desire to be the Stone Roses resurfaces with this, ahem, baggy indie-dance thing that's tweeked by ex-Roses producer, John Leckie. Other tracks dredge up that early morning stoned feeling, but so does a long night out and a good joint." - WHAT'S ON
  1. Blue
  2. Where The Geese Go
  3. No Come Down

Album Release
 21-Jun-1993 - A Storm In Heaven uk

 Album: Label: HUT RECORDINGS. UK Chart : 27. Formats: UK Cat #: HUTLP10 : 12" LP Released 21/06/93 UK Cat #: HUTMC10 : Single Play Cassette Released 21/06/93 UK Cat #: CDHUT10 : CD Album Released 21/06/93 (more info)

 "This album is a big step, but there are a thousand million to go."

 "Eight of the songs were jams when we went into the studio. We made 'em up as we were there, but time was taken to make it special, for it to work on all kinds of levels, whether you be straight or stoned or whatever". - RICHARD ASHCROFT

 "Like the sea, there's no denying Verve's awesome power. These waves either lap at your feet or surge right around you. Don't let this be one of the bands that got away." - THE LIST

 "The album is impressive because the whle group have stuck to the thoroughly uncommercial guns of their earlier work and released a rock record which is hugely out of synchronization with these fake-hedonistic, star-fucking times." - THE 3RD DEGREE

 "If you texture and torture the sound to this degree, you begin to convey the impression that you don't believe in the songs; and while there are some rather flimsy wails here, there are also some more robust rockers which don't benefit from carrying this much sonic baggage." - SUNDAY TIMES

 "I had mixed feelings about this album initially. Then, after a few listens, I was hooked. Next time you're stuck in traffic, pop in 'A Storm In Heaven'. I promise you'll be transported to a better place" - MAGNET (PHILADELPHIA, PA)

 "Ultimately, their undoing may be that their fame rests entirely upon journalistic whim rather than any groundswell of popular support." - Q
  1.  Star Sail
  2.  Slide Away
  3.  Already There
  4.  Beautiful Mind
  5.  The Sun, the Sea
  6.  Virtual World
  7.  Make It 'til Monday
  8.  Blue
  9.  Butterfly
  10.  See You In The Next One (Have A Good One) 

Single Release
20-Sep-1993 - Slide Away uk

Single: Label: HUT RECORDINGS. UK Chart : 98. Formats: UK Cat #: HUTT35 : 12" Single Released 20/09/93 UK Cat #: HUTCD35 : CD Single Released 20/09/93, UK Cat #: HUT35 : 7" Single Released 20/09/93 - Deleted 04/07/94 (more info)

"'Slide Away', all celestial guitar twinkles and reach-for-the-sky vocals, is Verve personnified; passionate, graceful and dangerously ambitious." - CUMBERLAND NEWS

"The carefully weighted , upwardly-spiralling 'Slide Away' comes very close to a bull's-eye. The acoustic versions of 'Make It 'Til Monday' and 'Virtual World' which appear on the flip are cool, too. Imagine if 'Led Zeppelin II' had been written in a Louisiana tin shack instead of in a Welsh cottage." - MELODY MAKER

"If it didn't sound so much like The House of Love it'd be brilliant. As it is, the best thing you can say about it is that it's pressed onto pink vinyl." - GRIP
  1. Slide Away
  2. Make it 'til Monday (acoustic)
  3. Virtual World (acoustic)
  4. 6 O'Clock (only available on the 7" single)

Album Release
 23-May-1994 - No Come Down uk

 Album: B SIDES & OUTTAKES. Label: VERNON YARD / HUT RECORDINGS. Formats: UK Cat #: CDHUT18 : CD Album Released 17/05/94 (more info)

 The Verve write songs that can be compressed or stretched without losing their essential depth and expanse. These versions are almost oceanic: even, rolling layers of sound that pull you in and hold you under for a long time. The acoustic version of "Butterfly" is the standout cut here, played with a jug band's sense of rhythm and an orchestra's capacity for grandeur. The rest follow suit - elegant and interchangeable, but remarkable enough to ensure that this band won't wash away soon." - TWIN CITIES READER

 "A collection of bad Verve songs would be impossible." - INDIE FILE (CHARLOTTE, NC)

 "Like it's parent album (ASIH), you'll either love 'No Come Down' for its other-worldly arrogance or hate it for its self-indulgence. Either way, Verve's strength lies in their ability to recreate in the studio the atmosphere inherent at their gigs - a live take of 'Gravity Grave' sounds anything but out of place." - VOX

 "Hazy, phased psychedelic rock at its finest. A selection of echoed-out acoustic versions and firing US remixes from the Wigan weirdos." -I.D
  1.  No Come Down
  2.  Blue (USA Mix)
  3.  Make it 'til Monday (acoustic)
  4.  Butterfly (acoustic)
  5.  Where The Geese Go
  6.  6 O'Clock
  7.  One Way To Go
  8.  Gravity Grave (Glastonbury Festival 1993)
  9.  Twilight

    Single Release
    01-May-1995 - This Is Music uk

    Single: Label: HUT RECORDINGS. UK Chart : 35. Formats: UK Cat #: HUTT54 : 12" Single Released 01/05/95 UK Cat #: HUTCD54 : CD Single Released 01/05/95, UK Cat #: HUT54 : 7" Single Released 01/05/95, Non UK Cat #: HUTDE54 : CD Single Released (more info)

    "'This Is Music' is The Stooges if they moved forward a couple of decades and moved from the industrial hell hole of Detroit to the post-industrial hell hole of Wigan. Except The Verve replace The Stooges' delicious nihilism with a searching, yearning guitar rush. Good to have you back, space cadets." - MELODY MAKER

    "It's taken an awfully long time for them to return from America's hideous heartlands, though the pleasure of this single and the imminent album will make it seem mere moments. Beautiful, powerful and ludicrously necessary." - SPARK

    "The Verve obviously reckon that hotel-trashing bonding with Oasis is an easy ticket to the top. They have, in the words of their frontman, 'mad' Richard, been 'on the shelf too long'. Sadly for them, I rarely reach for the shelf marked 'aimless nodding' in my cupboard." - RASP
    1. This is Music
    2. Let The Damage Begin
    3. You And Me

    Single Release
    12-Jun-1995 - On Your Own uk

    Single: Label: HUT RECORDINGS. UK Chart : 28. Formats: UK Cat #: HUT55 : 7" Single Released 12/06/95 UK Cat #: HUTC55 : Cassette Single Released 12/06/95 - Deleted 21/06/96, UK Cat #: HUTCD55 : CD Single Released 12/06/95 (more info)

    "….a mellow, meandering song with big pretensions but no direction. The other tracks are even more disappointing: 'I See The Door' is a messy acoustic song; 'Little Gem' an unfocussed mess; 'Dance On Your Bones' over seven minutes of rambling stoned indulgence." - NME

    "….compelling although maybe too laid back and cool to become a rel crossover hit." - MUSIC WEEK

    "Stonesy acoustic bliss that sounds so authentic you can smell the skunk in the air. Brilliant." - RAW
    1. On Your Own
    2. I See The Door
    3. Little Gem
    4. Dance On Your Bones

    Album Release
     03-Jul-1995 - A Northern Soul uk

     Album: Label: HUT RECORDINGS. UK Chart : 13. Formats: UK Cat #: HUTLP27 : 2 x 12" LPs Released 03/07/95 UK Cat #: HUTMC27 : Single Play Cassette Released 03/07/95 UK Cat #: CDHUT27 : CD Album Released 03/07/95 UK Cat #: DGHUT27 : CD Album Released 03/07/95 - Deleted 04/07/96 (more info)

     "Since the last album we have spent two years playing music every night and that means you get a lot better." - NICK McCABE

     "This record's got northern soul in it, stuck in a Welsh valley. We recorded twice as much as we needed. It wasn't that the songs weren't good, we just didn't get the magic when we recorded them…..we missed two or three of the best songs so we'll go back and do them again. Get 'em right." - PETER SALISBURY

     "Lyrically the whole album is me asking myself who the fuck am I? Am I the guy in 'This Is Music', standing tall in the world with these huge guitars around him like the king of rock 'n' roll, or am I the guy in 'A Northern Soul' who's wasted and desperate, or am I the guy in 'On Your Own', who's in between life and death, or am I the guy in' Life's An Ocean' imagining the future and buying feelings from a vending machine, am I this future shock guy? But I'm all of them, you see. It's dangerous to fracture your personality too much, but that's what it was." - RICHARD ASHCROFT

     "On this triumphant second album, these four Wigan lads return in a swirling, tortured, cloud of Doors-ish psychedelia. Richard Ashcroft's soft, druggy drawl twists round spacey guitar lines and blurred distortion, while the pain of the gentle 'On Your Own' disturbs and sticks in your mind." - GQ

     "As befits their recent titular addition - the US jazz label Verve objected to the un-prefixed moniker - 'The' Verve are suddenly the definite article." - Q

     "Global domination? Maybe next time, chaps. Maybe next time…." - NME

     "…..'Soul' doesn't flow with the seamless cadences that marked their debut, especially earlier on. The thick strings that flush out the edges on several tracks are nowhere near as cool as the horn trio that supplied an adjunct environment on 'Storm'. Nonetheless, with music that can drift from puffy clouds and cool breezes to thunderclaps and stirring gusts, 'Soul' only falls one breath short of aural ecstasy." - SAN FRANCISCO WEEKLY

     "…..the way the whole lot hangs together as a complete journey puts 'A Northern Soul' ahead of most albums you'll hear this year…'ll still be blazing your synapses for many months to come." - SELECT
    1.  A New Decade
    2.  This is Music
    3.  On Your Own
    4.  So It Goes
    5.  A Northern Soul
    6.  Drive You Home
    7.  History
    8.  No Knock On My Door
    9.  Life's An Ocean
    10.  Stormy Clouds
    11.  Reprise

    Single Release
    18-Sep-1995 - History uk

    Single: Label: HUT RECORDINGS. UK Chart : 24. Formats: UK Cat #: HUTCD59 : CD Single Released 18/09/95, UK Cat #: HUTC59 : Cassette Single Released 18/09/95 - Deleted 21/06/96, Non UK Cat #: HUTDE59 : CD Single Released, UK Cat #: HUTDX59 : CD Single Released 18/09/95, UK Cat #: HUTCDP59 : CD Single (Promo) Released - Deleted, UK Cat #: HUTCDP59 : CD Single (Promo) Released - Deleted (more info)

    "Hands up those who like The Verve, what's that, about three, no maybe four or even five. To be honest, The Verve were the most overrated thing since Christianity. Both are based on men with long straggly hair and both will never come back." - STRATHCLYDE TELEGRAPH

    "History is a startling finale, all dashed hopes and kaleidoscopes. And as the summer fades into memory, truly a song to begin the end of the year with." - NME

    History released on two CDs:
    1. History (radio edit)
    2. Back On My Feet Again
    3. On Your Own (acoustic)
    4. Monkey Magic (Brainstorm Mix)
    5. History
    6. Grey Skies
    7. Life Is Not A Rehearsal

    Single Release
    16-Jun-1997 - Bitter Sweet Symphony uk

    Single: Label: HUT RECORDINGS. UK Chart : 2. Formats: UK Cat #: HUTDG82 : CD Single Released 16/06/97 UK Cat #: HUTC82 : Cassette Single Released 16/06/97, UK Cat #: HUTDX82 : CD Single Released 16/06/97, Non UK Cat #: 8943752 : CD Single Released, Non UK Cat #: HUTCDE82 : CD Single Released, UK Cat #: HUTTR82 : 12" Single (Promo) Released, UK Cat #: HUTCDP82 : CD Single (Promo) Released, UK Cat #: HUTTP82 : 12" Single (Promo) Released, Non UK Cat #: 8943606 : 12" Single Released (more info)

    "Talk about a f***in' comeback." - MELODY MAKER

    "Once the band who couldn't fail to make it, they somehow failed to, er, make it. So they split up, reformed and now release a magnificent, glowing star of a single. If it doesn't happen this time, there is something very wrong with the world." - WHAT'S ON

    "The Verve fall back to earth with a slice of epic orchestral pop that makes all attempts from this day on to create 'rock classics' utterly redundant." - TIME OUT

    "It sounds like the break has done The Verve the world of good, in fact, an amazing transformation." - MOJO

    Bitter Sweet Symphony released on two CDs:
    1. Bitter Sweet Symphony
    2. Lord I Guess I'll Never Know
    3. Country Song
    4. Bitter Sweet Symphony (radio edit)
    5. Bitter Sweet Symphony (extended version)
    6. So Sister
    7. Echo Bass

    Single Release
    01-Sep-1997 - The Drugs Don't Work uk

    Single: Label: HUT RECORDINGS. UK Chart: 1. Formats: UK Cat #: HUTC88 : Cassette Single Released 01/09/97 UK Cat #: HUTDG88 : CD Single Released 01/09/97Non UK Cat #: HUTCD88 : CD Single Released, UK Cat #: HUTDX88 : CD Single Released 01/09/97, UK Cat #: HUTCDP88 : CD Single (Promo) Released Non UK Cat #: HUTCDJ88 : CD Single (Promo) Released, Non UK Release. Formats: Non UK Cat #: HUTCDE88 : CD Single Released (more info)

    "Trying to repeat the impact of 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' was an almost impossible task, but one that's been achieved. 'The Drugs Don't Work' is an addictive and emotive record, a work of genius……Make no mistake, this time The Verve are not going to blow it." - NME

    "Sublime advice." - RECORD MIRROR

    "If there was a vote to see who had the best voice in the country, Richard Ashcroft would be up there near the top." - DJ

    The Drugs Don't Work released on two CDs:
    1. The Drugs Don't Work (Full Length)
    2. Bitter Sweet Symphony (James Lavelle Remix)
    3. The Crab
    4. The Drugs Don't Work (radio edit)
    5. Three Steps
    6. The Drugs Don't Work (original demo)

    Album Release
    29-Sep-1997 - Urban Hymns uk

    Album: Label: HUT RECORDINGS. Formats: UK Cat #: CDPHUT45 : CD Album (Promo) Released UK Cat #: CDHUT45 : CD Album Released 29/09/97 UK Cat #: HUTMC45 : Single Play Cassette Released 29/09/97 UK Cat #: HUTLP45 : 2 x 12" LPs Released 29/09/97 UK Cat #: HUTLPX45 : 2 x 12" LPs Released (more info)

    A limited edition of 5000 vinyl copies were released in the UK with the brown mailer sleeve illustrated.


    "If there's one person affecting the disaffected right now, it's Richard Ashcroft. Band of the year. Number one with a mullet." - THE FACE

    "The Verve remain one of those bands for whom making music is more a mission than a career. But now, having paused long enough to know which way the wind blows, they have at last unlocked the power of all that aching, unresolved passion. They always seemed destined for great things. With 'Urban Hymns' they have finally made good on their promise." - TIME OUT

    "It's greatness is in its humanity and in the sense that , from fear, failure and insecurity, it's possible to scale heights in a way which not only sets the standard for the rest of the year but the decade too." - MOJO

    1. Bitter Sweet Symphony
    2. Sonnet
    3. The Rolling People
    4. The Drugs Don't Work
    5. Catching The Butterfly
    6. Neon Wilderness
    7. Space And Time
    8. Weeping Willow
    9. Lucky Man
    10. One Day
    11. This Time
    12. Velvet Morning
    13. Come On

    Single Release
    24-Nov-1997 - Lucky Man uk

    Single: Label: HUT RECORDINGS. UK Chart: 7. Formats: UK Cat#: HUTDX 92: CD single 1 released 24/11/97: UK Cat#: HUTDG 92: CD single 2 released 24/11/97: UK Cat#: HUTC 92: Audio Cassette released 24/11/97 (more info)

    "Another reflective gem to complete a trilogy of singles that have summed up 1997. Brilliant…" - MUSIC WEEK

    "It seems that very few bands ever release THAT song from the album that stands out head and shoulders above the rest - The Verve have proved to be an exception to the rule. With an unsettling vocal pattern that is unnervingly catchy, Ashcroft is making sure that the world know, The Verve are no fluke." - EXETER TDB

    "The Verve's latest single is the CD single to snap up this month - that's if you haven't already bought the album. These guys are on the up, and this shows just why Urban Hymns has nabbed the Number One album spot from Oasis." - THE TIMES

    "The 'I'm a lucky man' chorus has an almost casually epic feel about it, even though singer Richard Ashcroft can't help but sound sarcastic when he sings it. Convincing, if not conclusive proof that The Verve deserve the title of singles band of the year." - HULL DAILY MAIL

    "Lucky Man is five minutes of some of the most honest, heartfelt music around. There's not many people who really do it so well. Sure, there's plenty of strings and 'me against the world' lyrics but that's what they are all about: grandiose gestures and a chorus to die for. True soul music." - MELODY MAKER

    Lucky Man released on two CDs:
    1. Lucky Man
    2. Never Wanna See You Cry
    3. History
    4. MSG (Music For Driving)
    5. The Longest Day
    6. Lucky Man (Happiness More Or Less)

    Single Release
    02-Mar-1998 - Sonnet uk

    Single: Label: HUT RECORDINGS. Format: UK Cat#: HUTTX100: 12" Single released 02/03/98 (more info)

    At the start of 1998, Hut asked The Verve to put out another single from the album, an idea which the band disagreed with. Unusually, Hut pressed them on this matter, and so the band finally agreed to release "Sonnet", but only in a format that would make it ineligible for chart recognition. Consequently, "Sonnet" was released as part of a set of four 12-inch records on 2 March (backed by 'Stamped', 'So Sister', and 'Echo Bass'). The release was limited to just 5,000 copies, despite the huge radio coverage it received, and the official Top 40 charts refused to recognize it as a single because of the extra content, as planned. The pack was released in a cardboard mailer, and the preceding three singles from the album, all re-released on the same day, fitted into the mailer. - Crazed highs + horrible lows by Martin Clarke

    A limited, 12" only release for Sonnet. Included is a brown cardboard wallet which will also store the accompanying 12" releases of Bitter Sweet Symphony, The Drugs Don't Work and Lucky Man. All were limited to 7000 copies.
    1. Sonnet
    2. Stamped
    3. So Sister
    4. Echo Bass

    Album Release
    01-Nov-2004 - This Is Music: The Singles 92-98 uk

    Album: THE SINGLES 92-98. UK Chart: 15. Label: EMI / VIRGIN RECORDS. Formats: UK Cat #: CDV 2991 : CD Album Released 01/11/04 (more info)

    "The Verve for all their vastness, had a tenderness of touch that rendered them distinct..." - UNCUT (p.170) - 4 stars out of 5

    "[A] vitalising, occasionally era-defining force." - Mojo (Publisher) (p.124) - 4 stars out of 5
    1. This Is Music - 3:38
    2. Slide Away - 4:06
    3. Lucky Man - 4:49
    4. History - 5:28
    5. She's a Superstar (edit) - 5:04
    6. On Your Own - 3:36
    7. Blue - 3:39
    8. Sonnet - 4:24
    9. All in the Mind - 4:17
    10. The Drugs Don't Work - 5:05
    11. Gravity Grave - 8:21
    12. Bitter Sweet Symphony - 5:59
    13. This Could Be My Moment (previously unreleased) - 3:59
    14. Monte Carlo (previously unreleased) - 4:58

    Single Release
    11-Aug-2008 - Love Is Noise uk

    Single: Label: PARLOPHONE. UK Chart: 4. Formats: UK Cat#: VERVE002 : 7" Single Vinyl Gatefold Released 11/08/08, UK Cat#: VERVE003 : 7" Single Clear Vinyl Released 11/08/08, UK Cat#: VERVE004 : CD Single Released 11/08/08 (more info)

    "Richard Ashcroft is a one-poet kind of guy. After rearranging William Blake’s ‘London’ as ‘History’, he’s only gone and re-bored another of the mystic’s opening lines: “Will those feet in modern times walk on soles that were made in China?” Richard herein queries. Dicky, whatever the question is, when you say it like that, the answer’s ‘yes’. Maybe not the ‘Bitter Sweet Second Symphony’ some were hoping for, but pitched confidently between ‘A Song For The Lovers’ and ‘Neon Wilderness’, as its swirling cauldron coda of feedback closed their Glastonbury set, 50,000 faces nonetheless glazed into awe." - NME (Gavin Haynes)

    UK Promo CD
    1. "Love Is Noise" (Radio Edit) - 4:04
    2. "Love Is Noise" (album version) - 5:30
    Digital Bundle
    1. "Love Is Noise" (album version) - 5:30
    2. "Chic Dub" - 6:11
    3. "Let the Damage Begin" (live 2007) - 4:09
    4. "A Man Called Sun" (live 2007) - 5:19
    iTunes Store Exclusive Bundle
    1. "Love Is Noise" (album version)
    2. "Love Is Noise" (Freelance Hellraiser remix) - 9:10
    7" vinyl Gatefold (VERVE002)
    1. "Love Is Noise"
    2. "Let the Damage Begin" (live 2007)
    7" clear vinyl (VERVE003)
    1. "Love Is Noise"
    2. "A Man Called Sun" (live 2007)
    CD (VERVE004)
    1. "Love Is Noise"
    2. "Chic Dub"

    Album Release
    25-Aug-2008 - Forth uk

    Album: Label: PARLOPHONE. UK Chart: 1. Formats: CD Album Released 25/08/08, CD/DVD Album Released 25/08/08, Double LP Released 25/08/08, Box Set CD/DVD Released 25/08/08 (more info)

    "In 'Judas,' McCabe fires bird-cry bursts of twang and threads long, humming lines through Ashcroft's R&B whoops. 'Love Is Noise' is smart acid-dance candy notched with a laughing-choir vocal hook." - ROLLING STONE (p.71) - 4 stars out of 5

    "FORTH makes a strong case for the continued vitality of big-tent guitar anthems. On 'Love Is Noise,' Ashcroft bemoans our modern times over a sleekly propulsive dance-rock groove the Killers would kill for..." - SPIN (p.112) - 4 stars out of 5 

    "[T]hey certainly sound self-assured on FORTH....A welcome reminder of the power of the group's chemistry." - CMJ

    "FORTH re-establishes McCabe as a supreme sonic texturalist in the lineage of My Bloody Valentine or Cocteau Twins." - Q (Magazine) (p.103) - 3 stars out of 5

    "The best new tracks are the prettiest: Guitarist Nick McCabe's luscious noodling provides a perfect foil for frontman Richard Ashcroft's grand wail on 'Rather Be'..." - BLENDER (Magazine) (p.86) - 3.5 stars out of 5

    "The swirling groover 'Sit And Wonder,' the driving gospel rocker 'Love Is Noise' and the liquid gold streaked through 'Appalachian Springs' are as good as anything The Verve has recorded..." - PASTE (magazine) (p.57) -

    "Lead single 'Love is Noise' comes closest to gold, with its Balearic sample and energetic, almost danceable, rhythms." - URB (Magazine) (p.84) - 4 stars out of 5

    CD Album
    1. Sit And Wonder
    2. Love Is Noise
    3. Rather Be
    4. Judas
    5. Numbness
    6. I See Houses
    7. Noise Epic
    8. Valium Skies
    9. Columbo
    10. Appalachian Springs
    11. Ma Ma Soul [vinyl edition only]
    12. Muhammad Ali [vinyl edition only]
    1. Sonnet (live at Coachella)
    2. Life's An Ocean (live at Coachella)
    3. The Rolling People (live at Coachella)
    4. Lucky Man (live at Coachella)
    5. Love Is Noise (live at Coachella)
    6. + 20 min "Space And Time" documentary

    Single Release
    17/11/2008 - Rather Be

    Single: Label: PARLOPHONE. UK Chart #: 56. Formats: Single CD Released 17/11/08, 7" Single Vinyl Gatefold Released 17/11/08, 7" Single Released 17/11/08 - UK promo CD, Digital Bundle, Verve Official Online Store Exclusive Download, iTunes Store Exclusive Download Release 17/11/08 (more info)

    "Adult rock rules state that your bracing disco rock thumper must be followed by a haunting ballady one. And The Verve are doing as they should. Shitter than ‘On Your Own’, light years better than any of Ashcroft’s solo oeuvre, this is kind of the best we could have hoped for. Ashcroft directed the video; his idea being to use the same concept as ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’, except in a forest, and without bumping into people, or the epoch-defining song." - NME

    1. Rather Be [Edit]
    2. Love Is Noise (Tom Middleton Remix)
    7" Vinyl [Gatefold]
    1. Rather Be [Edit]
    2. All Night Long
    7" Vinyl
    1. Rather Be [Edit]
    2. Major Force