27 September 1997

Fan Review: Earl's Court 1997

Earl's Court w/ Oasis
London, UK
September 27, 1997

Hello, everyone.

I am still on a real high. Just to let you know that I saw Verve at Saturday's Earl's Court Oasis gig and they were bloody excellent. I heard the strains of 'A New Decade' bellowing out of the hall as I was on my way in, I was getting severely pissed off as I had to show my ticket to stewards at almost every turn and thought I'd never get in on time - I wasn't as early as I'd liked to have been, but at least I did get there for the 1st song. They actually came on 10 minutes earlier than the 7.30 show time, but I'd already been warned of this from Thursday's show. I guess they wanted to play a longer set.

Well, they were amazing and were very well received by the crowd. 'Bittersweet Symphony' got a phenomenal reaction, but my highlight was 'History' - Fucking great!!

It was great to be able to actually sing to the new songs as well, before the album was out - They did 'Rolling People,' 'Sonnet' and 'Lucky Man' as well as 'ISSUE' and 'TDDW.' Oh, and of course COME ON!!!!

I was moving and a grooving all night long, loving every single minute of the whole event - to hear the sound of the BIG music in the cavernous hall was amazing, absobloodylutely amazing!!!!!

Oh, and Oasis were quite good too (only joking, they were awesome). Noel stated how lucky we all were to be able to see the 2 best bands around playing together and dedicated 'Magic Pie' to Richard - "This one's for Ashcroft".!!

Top one.

In short, The Best Gig I've ever been to, and I've been to quite a few. My voice is still not quite there and my hands are still aching from all of the applause. Come On you Rolling People!!!!


Oh, forgot to say that this girl from Glasgow came up to us wanting to buy an E - I don't know why she thought we'd be able to oblige, and she wouldn't believe us when we said we didn't have any!! She was quite a laugh though - If you are out there - here's a big cheers!!!
  • Source: Verve-Tribute: A tribute to what was website
  • Review by Ady Foley