29 September 1997

Fan Review: Urban Hymns (2)

Well, it has finally arrived: here are my first thoughts on the first listen through...It came via a journalist friend of mine in New York who got the limited edition Hymnal packaging it is a black cardboard sleeve that has a silver band that ties the booklet together:

1. BITTER SWEET SYMPHONY - a slightly different mix (strings are intact) well we already know this one so I will move on.

2. SONNET - Hate to start on a down note but to my ears this is a bit over-produced, it is still beautiful...I do think however that Sonnet would sound a bit better if was stripped down to a more acoustic-type feel.

3. THE ROLLING PEOPLE - This is where the fun starts...killer version.....if you were worried that the soaring guitar of Nick was going to not be on this album you are dead wrong this is great and finishes with the first of many jams that stretch out the songs.

4. DRUG'S DON'T WORK - Single mix, great song.......good placement of the track.

5. CHASING THE BUTTERFLY - "In my dream I am Chasing the Butterfly" what a killer fucking lyric...this is a real gem...very dreamy song ala old school Verve....and this song goes into an extended jam as well at the end......

6. NEON WILDERNESS - Sort of a Monkey Magic meets Brainstorm with lyrics... A good song but very much an album track here.

7. SPACE AND TIME - acoustic intro into a clean solid mix of the song....it is better than the Sensation version with new lyrics at the end.

8. WEEPING WILLOW - Similar to Chasing the Butterfly has a down tempo feel to it, this album is very introspective and more serious than anything they have ever done, this song is evidence to this...

9. LUCKY MAN - A great song , killer lyrics....very personal, a mid tempo rocker with a stonesy influence throughout.

10. ONE DAY -Great organ intro- gentle guitar in the background- wow! this a totally new sound for Verve??? This is really interesting...love song.........

11. THIS TIME - another real change for Verve...this one is VERY commercial sounding but it works has a lot of samples and loops...these last two are going to be a little challenging for old school Verve fans to listen to at first....great song...weird tune!!!

12. VELVET MORNING - Another lilting love song , gorgeous tune..great vocals by Richard......probably my 2nd favorite.

13. COME ON - Time to wake up......fuck another blazing rocker ....insane jam at the end....

14. DEEP FREEZE - instrumental this right now is my favorite track on the album..very cool sounds throughout.....

Synopsis: 4 out of 4 stars........it is different...not quite the HUGE LP promised, but solid...this is album that will grow on you...........
  • Source: Verve-Tribute: A tribute to what was website
  • Review by Gavin