21 May 2000

Richard shoots new video in Manhattan

Richard spent Friday morning (May 19th 2000) in New York shooting the video for "Money To Burn". He came up with the idea just 3 days earlier "over a cup of coffee and a spliff" and 72 hours later he was walking through a sea of suited and booted financiers on Wall St. at 7.30am singing "Money To Burn" to camera.

We spoke to Richard on location:

"It was extraordinary, they just came in waves out of the subway, thousands of men in suits with umbrellas in the pouring rain, whilst I walked amongst them with the guitar. I had an earpiece in so there was no track blaring out, the cameras were well hidden so they were oblivious to what was going on. It was bizarre because it just didn't register with them, they just had their heads down and their umbrellas up and carried on walking - it'll look amazing."

Other parts of the video were shot on Mercer St. in the Soho area of town. The video was shot by LA-based British director Robert Hales.