17 June 2007

Potentially huge Verve news

From: Dominic Mulligan
Date: 17.06.2007 22:56
Subject: [Verved-out] Potentially huge Verve news.
To: verved-out@yahoogroups.com

There's not been a lot of activity on this list, partly due to there not being much in the way of Verve news. However, this may soon change...

I live in Wigan. Brian Cannon, after microdot folded, made a second career of taxi driving here. My friend knows him (he's been on a few of the Oasis album covers, so yeah, he definitely knows him) and Cannon told my mate that he'd spoken to Richard, who'd stated that the band members had been offered £5 million each to reunite (~$10 million) and they'd accepted.

The Verve may be playing together again, soon. Still a rumour at this stage, but given Richard's career is as good as dead and the rest of the band have done virtually nothing and the rumour comes from a source I trust...
Source: verved-out@yahoogroups.com